The Best Outdoor Furniture for Dog Owners

The Best Outdoor Furniture for Dog Owners

21 June 2021
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Some people think of dogs as pets, but you might think of your dog as an adopted child who happens to be a different species. And children, bless their hearts, often break stuff, regardless of whether they're a different species or not. When you're in the market for some new outdoor furniture, you need to choose something that your dog isn't going to be able to damage without putting in a lot of effort.

Plastic Furniture

Plastic furniture (polyethylene and polypropylene) is the most cost-effective choice, but it is the least likely to survive an encounter with your pooch. It is often made with softer plastics, which can easily become torn and chewed. It will save you the most money now, but you may have to look at another piece in the future.

Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture can certainly withstand scratches and attempts to chew while still remaining intact, but its physical appearance can suffer as the result of a curious canine or harsh weather. Wooden type of furniture is a good, durable choice in most situations, and can last you for many years.

Aluminum or Wrought Iron 

The furniture itself should be made of aluminum or wrought iron. Not only does this look great, but it's about the strongest option available on the market. Not only will your dog be unable to damage your new furniture, but its strength will ensure protection against the elements too. Aluminum and wrought iron will actually be uncomfortable on your dog's teeth, meaning they won't treat your outdoor furniture as a chew toy.


Aluminum or wrought iron seating isn't going to be especially comfortable without some padding to sit on. While polypropylene is unwise for the actual structure of the furniture, it's a good bet for your outdoor cushions. It's manufactured as a woven plastic, and generally comes UV treated. It can be wiped clean, and when a more intensive cleaning is required, a blast with your garden hose will often do the trick. 

Removable Cushions

These types of cushions will be infinitely more durable than anything made from organic fibers, although they're not immune from potential damage caused by a dog's teeth. Consider cushions that can simply be placed on a seat when it needs to be used, instead of being permanently attached. This allows you to place the cushions out of harm's way (or more accurately, out of your dog's way) when they're not in use. 

Furniture Covers

If you should purchase furniture with non-removable cushions, invest in some furniture covers to protect the cushions since it's practically inevitable your dog will attempt to sit on them when you're not around.

If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors, they will quickly begin to think of your new outdoor furniture as a new addition to their turf, which is why it needs to be strong enough to avoid any dog-inflicted damage.

For more information about outdoor furniture, contact a local furniture store in your area.