Complete Your Home Office Standing Desk With These Accessories

Complete Your Home Office Standing Desk With These Accessories

15 December 2021
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Adding a solid wood standing desk to your home office can help you feel more productive and stay active while you work. Adding the right accessories can make this home office furnishing the perfect choice for completing your remote work setup. Here are some ideas you can use to complete your solid wood stand-up desk setup. 

Full-Size Desk Mat

To protect the surface of your solid wood stand-up desk, consider a full-size desk mat. This versatile accessory shields the wood surface from spills, splashes, dings, and scratches for long-lasting good looks. The generous dimensions create the perfect backdrop for your keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals, and the sleek design brings a professional look to your setup. 

Adjustable Monitor Stand

An adjustable monitor stand makes it easy to put your screen at eye level, and it can be raised or lowered for a better view depending on the work you're performing. Some stands clamp directly to the back of your stand-up desk, while others affix firmly to the surface. Be sure to choose a stand that allows you to adjust the tilt as well as the height for a more customized setup. The best stand will have a low-profile design to leave the rest of your desktop free for other work essentials. 

Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat

Standing while working all day can put stress on your feet and legs, but an anti-fatigue floor mat may help you feel more comfortable as you work. These mats feature thick construction to help absorb stress and shock, and they come in a range of designs and sizes to suit your available space. Ensure the mat you choose features a nonskid bottom for secure placement on a tile or hardwood floor. Some models feature textured surfaces to give your feet a gentle massage as you stand, while others feature inclines and other ergonomic shapes to help keep you more comfortable throughout the day. 

Adjustable Keyboard Tray

You may find that the height of your stand-up desk is too elevated for comfortable typing, and an adjustable keyboard tray can help correct this issue. These trays slide under the surface of your solid wood desk for convenient storage when not in use, and they can be positioned at varying heights to put your hands and fingers at the ideal angle for typing. Look for a model with a built-in wrist rest to help minimize strain and fatigue on your joints as you type out emails, enter data, or fill out forms. 

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