Benefits Of A Futon Bunk Bed

Benefits Of A Futon Bunk Bed

23 February 2022
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While it's common for bunk beds to consist of one standard bed stacked on top of another, you'll often see slight variations in the design of this piece of furniture. A furniture store that carries a wide selection of bedroom furniture may have one or more futon bunk beds. This term describes a structure that has a bed on the top level and a futon on the bottom level. If you're shopping for a bunk bed for a child's room, you may wish to strongly consider a futon bunk bed. Here are some benefits of this unique piece of furniture.

Seating Space

Perhaps the most significant benefit of a futon bunk bed is that its lower level provides comfortable seating space. While your child can certainly sit on the lower bed of a conventional bunk bed, it won't be as comfortable as a futon because it lacks padded back support. A child will particularly appreciate this comfortable seating space if they play video games in their room. They'll be able to sit upright on the futon and face their TV. Your child may occasionally use the futon to sit at other times, such as reading a book or writing in a journal.

Larger Bed Space

When necessary, your child can easily convert the futon on the lower part of their futon bunk bed from a sitting space to a sleeping space. They may wish to do this when they have friends visit for a sleepover, for example. Another benefit of a futon bunk bed over a conventional bunk bed is that the futon mattress is generally larger than a standard bunk bed mattress. The larger bed space can be appealing for kids at different times. For example, if your young child has a pair of cousins visiting, they'll be able to fit in this larger bed instead of one having to sleep in a different room.

Eliminates The Need For A Couch

Some children have small couches in their room to use for gaming, reading, and other activities. This piece of furniture can be appealing, but it also takes up a lot of floor space — often making a small bedroom feel cramped. Another benefit of adding a futon bunk bed to your child's room is that doing so will eliminate the need to have a couch. You'll be able to relocate the child's couch to the basement or elsewhere in the home, or perhaps even get rid of it. The result will be a room that still provides couch-style seating space but that feels roomier.

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