Three Benefits Of A Tall Bed

Three Benefits Of A Tall Bed

1 March 2022
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One of the things that you'll need to decide when you shop for a new bed is how tall you want it to be. While the thickness of the mattress you choose will play a role in how high your body will be off the ground when you sleep, bed frames themselves are available in many different heights. Regardless of the size of bed you're buying, you might favor a model that is on the taller side. There are several benefits of having a bed that is tall, including these three points.

Easier Access

A lot of people find that it's easier to get in and out of a bed that is tall instead of one that is short. This can especially be true for people who suffer from chronic pain or mobility issues, or who are older. In these situations, sitting down on a low bed may be difficult because you have trouble lowering your body in a controlled manner. The result can be a rough landing that causes discomfort. Conversely, you'll likely find that it's easier to sit down on a taller bed because you can back up to the side of it and simply lean back a little.

Keeps Some Animals At Bay

If you're the type of person who doesn't want a pet such as a dog getting onto your bed, a taller piece of furniture can be a better choice. Small dogs may have little trouble jumping up onto a bed that sits low to the ground, but this task could prove to be too difficult with a tall bed. Keeping your dog off your bed can help to avoid dirt stains and fur on your bedspread and sheets.

More Storage Space

A bed that is low to the ground may only have a few inches of clearance from the bottom of the frame to the floor. This makes the space beneath the bed virtually unusable for storing certain items. If you buy a taller bed, you can expect to have a significant amount of space beneath the bed. This will provide you with a good amount of storage space. Many people buy bins or other devices that can slide beneath the bed to hold clothing, linens, and a variety of other items. In a small bedroom, storage space can be minimal — which makes it ideal to have beneath your bed. Look for a new bed at a local furniture store