4 Things To Consider When Buying Movie Props For Sale

4 Things To Consider When Buying Movie Props For Sale

23 March 2022
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You can find movie props for sale at a warehouse that features movie props or a prop house, which is a business that sells or rents movie props for a variety of sets. Movie props for sale allow you to create the most realistic and appealing sets for your movies or short films and bring authenticity to the scenes you create. Movie props include furnishings, clothing, accessories, decor, and antiques.

Here are four things to consider when buying movie props for your movies. This will help you narrow down your options and only buy the pieces you can readily use. A prop house may constantly revolve their stock, so keep this in mind when you shop if you need a rare or hard-to-find prop.


Most vintage movie props for sale can be used for more than one type of style of movie or used in various ways throughout different scenes. Versatility is key to keeping your movie-making adventures budget-friendly. Examples of versatile movie props include typewriters, mirrors, rocking chairs, table sets, vases, books, and more. Non-versatile pieces include antique stoves and other appliances or some time period clothing pieces.


The more rare or antique a vintage movie prop is, the more expensive it might be. This is why a prop house will often offer rented items and items for sale to make more vintage pieces available to customers within a decent budget. If you have a smaller budget or don't need a prop permanently, consider renting instead of buying.


While a majority of vintage movie props for sale are true time period pieces, others are lookalikes and appear vintage without actually being so. This is fine and can actually make it easier to obtain several vintage pieces when you go the lookalike route rather than aiming for authentic items. It's up to you, but authenticity may go beyond the actual age of an item and more toward what it looks like for movie props.


A movie prop doesn't need to be in working condition to be beneficial in a movie. For example, a vintage stove doesn't have to function to be ideal for a movie set. Unless vintage movie props for sale are going to be operated in a movie, functionality isn't really an issue when buying items for your movie sets. In fact, your prop house may sell gutted appliances or furniture items meant to be looked at and not sat on for convenience and ease of moving around. 

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