The Quest for Space: Choosing a Dining Room Table for Your Large Family

The Quest for Space: Choosing a Dining Room Table for Your Large Family

17 April 2024
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When you’re managing a bustling household, the dining room isn't just a room — it's a space brimming with stories, laughter, and love. Central to this is the dining room table, a place where memories and meals are shared. Choosing the right one for a larger family can be a true balancing act — finding something to fit your lifestyle and your space can be a real challenge. Here are some invaluable tips to guide you through this familial quest.

Consider Your Space

Before you even start looking at styles or finishes, consider the room's actual dimensions. A table that is too small is impractical, and one that’s too large can dominate the space, making movement around it awkward. Measure the length and width of your dining room and ensure there's enough room for a table that can comfortably accommodate your family.

Shape Shifters

The shape of your dining table can greatly impact the dynamics of your meal times. For instance, a rectangular table suits larger groups, while an oval or round table is more conducive to conversation, making it easier for everybody to interact. For a square room, opt for a square or round table that complements the room's shape. Round and oval tables also tend to be more forgiving of tight spaces, with no sharp corners to crowd the room.

Styles That Serve You Best

When it comes to the style of your dining table, think about the material and design that will best serve your needs. Solid wood provides durability, while veneers offer a more economical choice without sacrificing style. Consider the style that matches your room; transitional styles offer a blend of traditional and contemporary, making them versatile options. For extra-large families or those who love to entertain, extendable tables can be a lifesaver during holidays and celebrations.

Making the Connection

Your dining table can be the centerpiece of your home's décor. Selecting chairs that complement it in style and comfort is essential. Upholstered chairs can be cozier for longer meals, while wooden chairs are easier to clean and maintain. In terms of quantity, an armchair at each end of a rectangular table can add a touch of grandeur and comfort.

Tying the Room Together

Once you’ve chosen your table, it's time to consider the larger design of your dining room. Lighting, a rug, and storage are all key elements that need to blend well with the table you choose. Pendant lights help to set the mood, while a rug under the table can anchor the space and muffle sound.

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