Restoring Your Furniture by Having It Refurnished

Restoring Your Furniture by Having It Refurnished

23 June 2021
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Over the years, the furniture that you have in your home can start to become extremely worn. If you are wanting to restore the appearance of the furniture without having to replace it, a furniture refinishing service can be an option to consider.

Know The Types Of Problems Refinishing Your Furniture Can Correct

Refinishing your furniture can correct many of the common cosmetic problems that aging furniture can experience. In particular, it can remove stains that may be deep in the wood where they can not be easily cleaned using conventional tools. In addition to the cosmetic benefits, refinishing your wood furniture can help to extend its life as the refinish is able to act as a protective layer against rot that may be starting to develop. However, refinishing the furniture may not be suitable when there are deep cracks in it or other structural problems.

Opt For A Hard Finish For The Furniture  

Opting for a hard finish can help to add some protective benefits to the furniture. For example, a hard finish will be able to reduce the risk of the furniture developing deep scratches that could compromise its appearance. Also, these finishes tend to be able to last much longer, which can reduce the need to have refinishing work done again in the near future. Luckily, these finishes will not have significantly higher costs or require much longer than softer refinishing coats.

Consider Having The Upholstery Restored At The Same Time

After you have invested in restoring the appearance of the wooden portions of your furniture, it may also be worth the effort to also have the furniture's upholstery replaced. Failing to have this restoration work done as well could lead to there being a visible contrast between the appearance of the freshly finished wood and the worn upholstery. Having the upholstery replaced can increase the amount of time that this project will need. However, it can also ensure that your furniture will look as good as new after you have invested so much into restoring it.

Refinishing your aging wood furniture is one option for improving its appearance while also making sure that it is resistant to rot. By having a basic knowledge of the types of problems that can be corrected with refinishing, the benefits of using a hard finish, and the value of replacing the upholstery of the furniture at the same time that you have it refinished, this process can seem far less intimidating and easier to manage.