Having Your Boat Reupholstered

Having Your Boat Reupholstered

28 June 2021
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To keep your boat a comfortable place to be, it is common for the seating areas on the boat to be upholstered. While this can increase the comfort of those riding in the boat, it will increase the maintenance needs as the upholstery will eventually need to be replaced.

Be Mindful Of The Colors That You Choose For The Upholstery

The colors that you use in the upholstery will be an important factor in making the boat easier to maintain. Ideally, a neutral color will likely provide the most durable results. This is due to the tendency of dark colors to fade as a result of prolonged sun exposure as well as the risk of white or other light colors becoming stained. Luckily, there are a variety of neutral colors that you can use for your upholstery so that you can enjoy these benefits while still being able to match the upholstery to the rest of the boat's color scheme.

Inspect The Condition Of The Supports And Padding Of The Furniture

The upholstery is likely to be the part of the furniture that you pay the most attention to and that suffers the most wear. However, the padding and wood supports that are used with the furniture will also potentially need to be replaced. Over time, the padding can become too compressed to be comfortable, and the support for the surface can become rotted. Fortunately, both of these components are inexpensive to replace if they have suffered this type of damage, and this can be a quick repair to make during upholstery work so that you will not have to be without your boat for any longer than is necessary. Without these repairs, you may find that the furniture for your boat needs additional repairs soon after it has had new upholstery installed.

Be Prepared To Maintain The Upholstery

Investing in new upholstery for your boat's furniture can be a large investment to make in it. As a result, you should be prepared to take care of the new upholstery. At a minimum, this should involve cleaning the upholstery on a regular basis. However, you may also want to keep spot treatments and other upholstery cleaning supplies. Keeping these supplies on the boat will allow you to quickly act when there are spills that could potentially stain the upholstery. This can be especially useful for upholstery that is in the sun as the heat from the sun's rays could cause the stains to bake into the upholstery fairly quickly.

Reach out to a professional for more information about boat upholstery