4 Unique Dining Room Chair Features Found In Classic French Designs

4 Unique Dining Room Chair Features Found In Classic French Designs

12 October 2021
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If you're looking for a classic French design within your dining room, then you have many options to choose from. Some of the main pieces of French dining room furniture you will pick from include the dining room chairs. The French style includes a lot of unique designs and options that can really enhance your dining room.

Check out some of the unique chair features to consider the next time you shop for French dining furniture.

1. Bentwood Chairs

Many pieces of French dining room furniture utilize bentwood in their designs. The rustic-looking wood adds a cozy to the chairs and offers a sturdy seat design. The bentwood material is formed into multiple curves and shapes. The more intricate designs include curves and shapes feature on the back of the chair.

Along with all-natural wood chairs, look for bentwood chairs with cushions built into the design. Some cushions as bolted straight to the wood, while others are tied to the back of chairs and removable.

2. Ruffled Slipcovers

When chairs are not in use, add an elegant French look to the design with ruffled slipcovers. The slipcovers fit nicely over the chairs and create an elegant look while protecting chairs from dust and debris. When you have company over and need the extra chairs, the slipcovers pull off.

Many slipcovers are white, but you can shop around for different colors to help match the color of the table or other decor you have in the dining room.

3. Wingback Chairs

The French used to eat in style, and one of the more common chair designs was a wingback chair. Often found in the living room, the large chair features an extended backrest that gives room to protect the shoulders. A wingback chair often includes armrests and deep cushions for added comfort.

The chairs are sturdy and provide extra comfort for multiple-course meals or socializing at the dinner table.

4. Settee Style Chairs

An even large French furniture option for the dining room is a settee-style chair. The chair is wide enough to seat two people comfortably, especially if you have kids at the table. The longer chair pairs well with a wingback chair and has a lot of extra room for comfort.

One person could sit in the chair and have plenty of space to get comfortable, with extra elbow room and space to relax.

Once you know what to look for in the chair designs, shop and find the best options for your French-style dining room.