Keep Your Patio Furniture Protected This Winter

Keep Your Patio Furniture Protected This Winter

3 February 2022
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If you have outdoor furniture still sitting on your patio as the snow falls this winter, it's not too late to take action to protect your patio furnishings. Brush the snow off and keep some of the following tips in mind to limit the damage Mother Nature can do to your outdoor furniture for the rest of this season and every winter to come.

Consider Removing the Furniture From the Patio Altogether If Possible

For best results this winter and every winter, try and get at least some of your patio furniture into a shed or storage area where snow and ice won't be a problem. Clean out the mess of tools in the garage you never use anyway or clean out the shed in your backyard that still has an old lawnmower that you don't use anymore to make room. Make sure you clean the patio furniture of any dirt or debris before it goes into storage so that the stain does not become permanent. You may also want to consider a cover to keep dust from accumulating between now and spring or summer.

Coat Wooden or Wrought Iron Materials With Protective Sealants If the Furniture Will Be Left Exposed

If you have any outdoor furnishings that are too large to move and might also be difficult to otherwise protect, look into a protective sealant, especially for materials like wood or wrought iron. Wood can develop rot when it is soaked from moisture for too long and wrought iron can develop corrosion. But with the right protective sealant or coating, you can help your furnishings survive the winter.

Add a Cover on Top of Anything That Remains Outdoors If You Can

For smaller furnishings like a simple bench, chair or table that you can't put into storage, reach out to a provider of outdoor furnishings to discuss purchasing one or more waterproof coverings. This will keep the moisture from the snow and ice that builds up on top of the furniture from damaging the materials underneath the cover.

Outdoor furniture is designed to be able to withstand a little bit of moisture from time to time, but leaving furniture outdoors for an entire winter is not a good idea no matter what type of materials the furnishings are crafted from. For best results, remove the furnishings and place into storage if possible, or use protective sealants and coverings to keep the snow and ice away. If your current outdoor furnishings don't look as good as they used to, reach out to a local provider of patio furniture today and discuss which outdoor furnishings might be best when it comes to surviving the worst of winter.

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