4 Modern Home Decor Options For Book Displays

4 Modern Home Decor Options For Book Displays

8 June 2022
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Your home library isn't just a great source of reading material, the books can become unique display pieces that stand out in the home. Modern home goods offer the chance to feature unique designs and styles that allow you to feature your favorite books in unique ways.

Read below to learn about some design and decor options, and some unique ways to display your books.

1. Edge Book Ends

Modern designs often feature a lot of minimalism. With edge book ends, the main focus becomes the spine of the book. The book ends typically feature a wedge design that stands upright and helps keep the books in place. The book ends come in various colors, but modern styles will often feature simple black or white tones.

Use the book ends on a shelf or an open-air part of your home like the top of a fireplace mantle.

2. Floating Shelves

If you want dedicated shelves for just books, consider a modern home decor design like floating shelves. A floating shelf can hide most of the shelf features so the books stand out on their own. Floating shelves are ideal for the display of a book series. Put up a floating shelf on the wall and add a collection of books to the shelf.

Repeat the design for other book series as you build your collection. The shelves are an ideal way to compliment a larger bookshelf piece of furniture you already own.

3. Staggered Shelves

Instead of just a rectangle bookshelf, you have the opportunity to purchase a modern design with staggered features. A staggered shelf will feature various shelves in a criss-cross pattern. The pattern designs vary, but they allow you to play around with your shelf designs.

For example, one section of a staggered shelf could feature larger hardcover picture books. Another shelf could feature paperback novels. The unique design allows you to play around with display options and come up with a variety of different themes.

4. Industrial Shelves

Many modern furniture designs include industrial features like metal and stainless steel finishes. Shop for an industrial shelf that features pipes, open space, and a simple design. The industrial finish has a lot of modern appeal and can help match the other decor in the home. The finish is either the raw metal or painted over with black paint.

Shop around at modern home goods stores to find unique bookshelf options and transform your home library for years to come.