4 Tips For Shopping For New Patio Furniture

4 Tips For Shopping For New Patio Furniture

22 February 2023
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You need patio furniture so you can dine or lounge outdoors comfortably. There are several styles of furniture to consider that come in a range of prices. You may want to set your budget first and then find pieces that fit your price range. Here are more tips for buying new patio furniture.

1. Consider Sun Exposure

The sun is one of the most damaging things to outdoor furniture. If your patio doesn't have a cover that makes shade for your chairs and tables, you want to shop for furniture that can withstand daily exposure to UV rays. Metal and resin may be good options since these often stand up well to rain too.

You can always add cushions to the furniture to add color, but you'll want cushions made from outdoor fabrics that won't deteriorate rapidly due to the sun and rain. If your furniture will be in the shade all day, then you'll have a lot more choices to consider since UV rays won't be a problem.

2. Think About Space

You don't want to crowd your patio, so consider your space when determining the pieces you want. You can even mark off the space a table and chairs would take so you can visualize how much room you'll have for lounge chairs. To reduce the number of chairs you need, buy chairs for the table that are comfortable enough for standalone seating.

Another thing that helps maximize space is to buy patio furniture that folds down so it's easy to store out of the way until needed. However, you may not want lightweight aluminum patio chairs that will blow over in strong winds. You might consider heavier resin chairs that stack instead.

3. Shop For Comfort

Looks are important, especially if you have a luxury outdoor living space, but comfort is essential for outdoor seating. If you want to snooze in a lounge chair or chat with guests for hours in the evening, your chairs need to be comfortable. This includes being easy to get out of when you want to stand up. Be sure to try out the pieces in the store before you buy them to make sure they fit your body and they are comfortable enough to use for relaxing or sleeping if you like to take naps outdoors.

4. Compare Costs

Patio furniture may not last as long as indoor furniture since it's exposed to the weather and sun. You might prefer inexpensive furniture you can change often when it gets worn or bleached out. However, you can also invest in high-quality outdoor furniture if it will be in the shade and you plan to cover and take care of it well. High-quality furniture adds glamour to your patio, but it also costs a lot more.

For more information about patio furniture, contact a local furniture store.