Three Benefits Of Distressed Leather Furniture

Three Benefits Of Distressed Leather Furniture

9 August 2023
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When you visit a furniture store to browse its selection of leather furniture, you can expect to see a lot of pieces that have a pristine appearance. Smooth, glossy sofas and chairs might catch your eye, but don't overlook other types of leather furniture that are commonly available. One option is distressed leather furniture, which features worn marks, scuffs, and other similar markings. You can usually find distressed pieces in many different colors and styles, so it shouldn't be a challenge to match a sofa or chair to your home's decor. Here are three benefits of distressed leather furniture.

Worn-In Look

A lot of people like the worn-in look that distressed leather furniture offers. You may find that this look is appealing to your family and your guests alike. When a piece of new leather furniture is pristine, some people can feel reluctant to sit on it. A guest who is visiting your home might be nervous to sit on a sofa over fears of somehow damaging it. Even if damage is unlikely, the uneasiness that the person feels can affect their enjoyment of visiting your home. Distressed leather furniture has a worn-in look that can make people feel comfortable using it.

No Concerns Over Damage

Leather tends to be fairly resilient, making it difficult to damage. However, if you were to do something that causes a scratch or another blemish on the surface of your distressed leather sofa or chair, you wouldn't be nearly as upset as if this were to happen on a pristine piece of leather furniture. For example, if an exposed zipper or grommet on a piece of your clothing were to make a mark, this mark wouldn't stand out on a distressed piece of furniture because it already has various markings of this nature.

Better Fit With Some Homes

While there's no debate that a piece of pristine-looking leather furniture can be a good fit in many homes, it may look slightly out of place in others. If you decorate your home in more of a casual style, it's likely that a distressed piece of leather furniture would look better. This look can work well with rustic barnboard-style wood flooring, for example, as well as various decorative items that offer a shabby-chic or bohemian style. If you're interested in buying a piece of leather furniture for your home, visit a local furniture retailer and browse its selection of products that have a distressed finish.

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